I'm off to see the Lizard - the wonderful Lizard of OR.

I'll be back in about ten days. I may or may not be in touch before. Do try not to do anything too silly in the meantime.

I noticed this story today, which Chris particularly may be interested in. It was mentioned in the Jodcast last year that there might be an assymetry in how galaxies were arranged with relation to us. The upshot is that the explanation may be boringly mundane and terrestrial.
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OOI, why a link instead of a direct NS link?

Also, I noticed that headline yesterday, but NS's stupid policy of not selling subscriptions to their website means I still have basically no idea what this is about (Google didn't seem to know about any alternative writeups.)
Ah yes, thank I had seen this. Not only do I subscribe to New Scientist, I was one of the 85,000! Although I don't think my name will be appearing on any papers in the near future.