I saw an article today concerning controversy over this sculpture. If they don't want it over there, I think we should have it here.

Leila was round yesterday picking up some Beltane-related stuff, and via conversational peregrinations I ended up finding her those pictures of a Fishing Cat being kept in a Russian flat. One of the pictures isn't worksafe, for most values of, but not actually wildly offensive. In an event obviously totally unrelated to that URL, apparently a plan to make a sequel to The Wicker Man has just fallen through. I'm generally against sequels, but this one sounds potentially interesting. Hopefully they'll get their funding sorted. Shall we not mention the musical, please?
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Presumeably they're going to move it because it has already rooted out all the evil in Vancouver, and now its work is done?
Well, you'll need a licence - it's officially a Dangerous Wild Animal under British law.
I fear our letting agency might draw the line at such a cat as well. They've already allowed us to keep three cats in their property...
I wonder if I'm allergic to it...but if I got one, my ferrets would be in peril!
Maybe we could have a few in NZ to help eat all the possums. Except that just like the cats, ferrets, weasels and stoats, they'd probably only eat the possums once everything ground-nesting and native had been eliminated. [sigh]
That cat is fantastic. I couldn't stop laughing at the lolcat with its fellow cat.
I love The Wicker Man (the original that is). I've never understood why it's supposedly a horror film though. It just seems like a wonderful pagan fairytale where the nasty evil Christian gets what he deserves in the end.