holding forth

We do not live in the back of beyond. We live in the very heart of beyond.

Sunday was, due to the season, up the hill for a practice, but this time after picking Jim up from Bonnyrigg. We managed a quick fireraising session at the end, which went surprisingly well given the time since we last did it. Then I took him back out to Bonnyrigg and went to the Ann Purna with L&S for dinner, as it's due to change hands soon. I don't go nearly often enough - it was as lovely as ever. Hopefully it'll stay that way. After that, the ISIHAC Greatest Hits show at the Festival Theatre, with them and my folks. That's the first time I've seen a game show do an encore - and the first time I've heard 1500 people attempt an unrehearsed rendition of "Donald Where's Your Troosers" on kazoos, too. Very fine. We all got to keep the kazoos.

Later I started reading Kevin MacNeil's "The Stornoway Way". I took a break at about three and finished it today. It's very good - a clever, funny, and sad memoir of a young Stornoway man who's never got his life together, and has moved back to Lewis after years busking round the world. The bits that are funny are very funny, the bits that are sad are tragic, and all of them are clever. I will have to find out what my Stornowegian friend makes of it, by lending it to him if necessary.

Today I went to Mo's birthday picnic on Portobello beach. This was very good, although Nivine setting her hair on fire was a little alarming. Fortunately no harm seems to have been done. During the early evening there was a very loud rumbling with no obvious cause. It turned out that it was two Tornadoes turning on their afterburners over the Castle - apparently the RAF were also having a birthday party. Show-offs.
The only time I managed it was the time I leant forward over a bunsen burner. Somewhat surprisingly, there was no lasting damage. I hope the same's true for you.
No. The first time I was in the pub, my hair was down and I lent over a candle. Didn't realise it until I heard the person opposite me shrieking.

The second time was at a PA feast, when again my hair was down. I was on serving duty, and got too close to a multi-candled candle stick, and hair went up. Unfortunately my hands were full at the time, so I couldn't stop the damage.

As you said, no lasting damage, just a shock when it happened. And that awful hair burning smell that hangs around for days, even after washing your hair :P
I wondered what the noise was. I thought someone might be blowing up large chunks of the city. What a disappointment.
It was good to see you, both on the hill and on the beach!

I did warn that attempting to belly dance seductively with poi was a bad idea. Especially when surrounded by photographers...