Rik was round the house last night, for the first time in about fifteen years. He'd been somewhere with Jamie, who was coming over to make (and talk) balls for a while. All quite fun. Also got Neal's phone number from his doubtless-better half (Judy?) who was round also. Apparently he doesn't have a banjo, which is unfortunate. Hopefully I'll see him soon too.
Indeed, yes. And in other news, Gena's going to be in town for Beltane. It'll be like the last fifteen years never happened.

Hmm. I wonder if that means I can fit into my favourite jeans again . . .
They've even laid on an economic recession just to add atmosphere.

Incidently, you may find that your old jeans have been stolen by your doppelganger here in Wellington:

Granted he looks not much like you in the official photograph, but on one occasion he turned up with his hair tied back wearing a black jeans, and German army surplus and boots, and what seemed to be your glasses i.e. near-perfect replica of Zotz c.1993. When he loomed over the end of my drawing board without warning I had a severe time/space slip experience. Luckily he had the Dominion Post and not the Guardian under his arm :-)