I thought that strike thing was a bit daft, but by about midmorning a few people (you know who you are) were being sufficiently ridiculous about breaking it on principle that I decided to join it anyway.

It was a lovely bright day today, if a touch windy. There was a Basque cultural event on the Meadows, with dancers (some of them blokes with really big cowbells tied awkwardly to their backs) but while I was passing there were only a couple of guys playing big xylophones, in a rather interesting style. A couple of monks wandered past as well, in white robes and black cloaks, and a woman in a burqa. All very cosmopolitan.

Phil has for several days been the proud owner of a life-size radio-controlled tarantula. Sadly, the cat isn't too bothered about it, deigning only to be slightly annoyed when people make it run into him.

The Long Blondes were quite fun on Wednesday, although the sound could have been better - down the front, the singer was hardly audible. She had a radio earpiece to monitor from, and I couldn't help wondering if I'd have heard her better from the foldback if there had been more. They seemed otherwise on form, though.
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a few people (you know who you are) were being sufficiently ridiculous about breaking it on principle

...*looks innocent*

I decided to have a ridiculous protest about what I considered to be a ridiculous protest. Hey, at least it's consistent! :-)
My only objection to the 'strike' was that it should be called a boycott - but I managed to acidentally not post anyway...
What strike?
Do you mean people joined in my strike about not washing or cleaning?
About the Long Blondes. I could only hear the singer properly on the last song. You didn't mention the drummer from the 1990s.
Mark says "So we shouldn't remind you about the boltthrower drummer either."

He's round at mine at the moment if you'd like to phone and verbally abuse him.
If he's going to go on being that helpful, perhaps I should come round and physically abuse him?
I had no idea there was a strike, but I haven't posted anything in a while anyway. Does that count as participating?

Not really, no. It really has to be an active decision to count. Similarly, you're not on strike from work if you call in sick.