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It would have been nice to have a few more people at Gigantor, but it was still quite fun. A setlist will appear in due course. Earlier, actionreplay spotted me two Fairport tickets she couldn't use, so I took my dad along. It was quite odd seeing them indoors, and equally odd to know that they'd got paid for me to be there, as opposed to them paying me to turn up. And my dad got to chat to a couple of them in the bar, which was nice - along with the choral music, he's been a folkie since about forever. He used to come down to Edinburgh regularly to see the Incredible String Band when he was a student, except that of course they hadn't become the Incredible String Band yet at that point.

Lenny C tickets go on sale tomorrow, and everyone seems to be going. I'm going, my friends are going, my neighbours are going . . . actually, they get bragging rights for having seen him in the seventies and eighties. Should be good.

I caught NVA's lightshow ("Spirit") in the Botanics' greenhouses on Saturday, and very good it was too. It's based on a Chinese festival of lanterns that runs early in the year, and it's part of a program of events ("China Now") running most of this year covering various aspects of Chinese culture and botany, and links between China and Scotland. It'll be damn good if the start was any guide. Lara and Seth were there with Lara's parents, which was good. I don't see them (the parents) very often these days.

Writers' Bloc went well. As usual, I was there to record things, so it's vaguely possible that some of them - and there were some exceptionally good ones - will turn up publicly at some point.

Three schoolgirls blagged their way into our stairwell earlier, claiming they'd lost their keys. A moment later I disturbed one of them pissing on my doorstep. How very ladylike. Still, makes a change from Orangemen. Obviously I did the irate-resident shouty bit, or I'd have been failing in my middle-agely duty to oppress misunderstood youff at every opportunity.

I notice that on Saturday and Sunday, in Bathgate and Glasgow respectively, the Mugen Taiko dojo are having their annual showcase concert. "Huge Japanese drums, over thirty drummers, thundering rhythms and raw energy. High energy and dynamic movement as over thirty drummers come together for an annual showcase performing thundering, driving rhythms on huge Japanese drums. The Big Bang is performed by the Mugen Taiko Dojo, the UK’s Centre for Taiko Drumming."


Am I right in thinking there's another of those strange Scientology-baiting sessions on Saturday?
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Len C
Probably makes me a Bad Canadian, but I almost certainly won't be going either. Tickets for London are £75, and even if I decide to do without food for a while, by the time I make the decision the whole tour will be sold out.
Am I right in thinking there's another of those strange Scientology-baiting sessions on Saturday?
What's one of them?
I don't have a mask and I'd probably forget anyway, but I may drop along and have a look.

I should really get around to properly documenting Banksy's copy of "Dianetics". Actually, somewhere I have a picture of The Invaders' Plan being attacked with a hammerdrill/wire brush combo. I should scan that too.
Glad you liked it. Wendy and Lemmy - or, to put it another way, the late Wendy O Williams and Motorhead.
LC at the Castle would, I'm sure, be a Thing of Wonder. Sadly, shan't be in Embra at the time.

I shall have to settle for the vastly inferior acoustics of The House That Beer Built.
It would have been nice to have been a person at Gigantor, but I was unavoidably engaged otherwise.
Good, the world needs more angry stair residents.

I can recommend becoming very, very angry with people, especially feckless Gen Y types, if necessary allowing your eyes to pop out on stalks, if they fail to show Respect to the Stair. I recall one young dweeb who complained to me that my washing the common stair was leaving a puddle outside his door. I doubt he'll be quite so ready to criticise anyone with a mop again. He'd had got off more lightly if I'd ever seen him with a brush, or, for that matter, if he'd not been so keen on Pink Floyd at high volume.