A couple of gigs.

First, Kristin Hersh, from Throwing Music:

"Paradoxical Undressing" by Kristin Hersh is a live spoken word project incorporating film, music and essays. The show will feature excerpts from Kristin's upcoming memoir, "Paradoxical Undressing" read by the artist, with musical accompaniment.

The show tells the story of a teenage girl wrestling with issues of extreme creativity, mental illness, pregnancy and life in the music business as founder of seminal American indie rock band Throwing Muses.

The first paradoxical undressing performances will be held in the UK at St. Andrew's in the Square in Glasgow on 25 March 2008 and at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on 26 March 2008.

Secondly, Leonard Q "Laughing-boy" Cohen, Esq:

17-Jun-08 Manchester, UK Opera House
18-Jun-08 Manchester, UK Opera House
19-Jun-08 Manchester, UK Opera House
20-Jun-08 Manchester, UK Opera House (likes Manchester, obviously)
29-Jun-08 Glastonbury Festival, UK (ticket registration closes on the 14th, though)
16-Jul-08 Edinburgh Castle (for me, that's about a 15-minute walk from the front door)
17-Jul-08 London village, UK Millenium Dome (as was)

Other concerts in Canada, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, France Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy and Greece. More will apparently be announced later. Fuller details here.

There are prices for the Canadian gigs, and they're not cheap. Still, Cohen at the Castle . . .
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yeah, either in the last few months or soon. I was too busy at the time it was announced to do anything about it. Hence only a vague memory.

Enjoy it anyway.
Righto. There wasn't anything listed on the webshite.

I had a ticket to see her on her last tour, but it turned into a transport disaster and I didn't reach the venue.
Ah, one of *those* gigs that weren't. Well I hope it all works out ok the next time.

I hear Mr Cohen is on that day at the castle also. Is she a support or is there just multiple things on?
No. no. She's in March and he's in July. Having said that, the one supporting the other would be pretty wonderful from my point of view.
Cohen at the Castle . . .

Ooh, that's gotta be done!

Hope I don't miss the ticket sale for that one.
According to the Edinburgh Castle website the event doesn't exist.
You can, however, see Boyzone, The Proclaimers or Runrig.
Doesn't matter anyway. It'll be far too expensive for the likes of me.

I hope you enjoy it.
Sales dates haven't been announced yet for most of the dates. London and Dublin go on sale on Friday, and the Canadian ones today.

Yes, it looks expensive. On the other hand, I've been a fan for twenty years. It'll still be less than a new pair of boots.
I thik Simon and I might try to make the Dome gig. The Castle would be cool but I think it's going to be ludicrously expensive to begin with, without adding the cost of a trip fo Edinburgh on top!
Might well be a lot cheaper than O2. There aren't as many people up here, so supply restrictions might count. That's what I'm hoping, anyway.
The Dome seats 20 000. Edinburgh Castle seats 8 500. My guess is that Castle seats won't be under as much pressure, but really only time will tell.

And yes, you must come up again sometime. As should many other reprobates.