Tomorrow, tickets go on sale to see Portishead in April at the Corn Exchange (which I think actually used to be an abbatoir). As well as Edinburgh, they're playing Manchester, Wolverhampton and some southern hamlet called "London". I'm quite tempted, as I didn't manage to see them in '92 because the Glastonbury stage they were on had impenetrable crowds filling the entire area you could see it from. I'd been in some very big and packed crowds even then, but this one was actually quite worrying (although how I'd rate it after the Elephant I don't know).

I see on the Half Man Half Biscuit site that there's no further information on this new album they've mentioned, but that they are playing in Sheffield, Ulverston and Nottingham soon.

Note also the existance of Irish Half Man Half Biscuit tribute band Half Arsed Half Biscuit.
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But will they be locked in the Rock City Notts?

And is the Ulverston gig an homage to Stan Laurel, or does Nigel fancy an excuse for another fell-walking holiday?
If it's anything like most of their gigs, they'll drive back the same night. We were getting them quite regularly for a while, but it's slackened off lately.
I think part of the Corn Exchange site still is an abattoir/rendering plant. The block between Asda and the concert hall.

The main hall was a rope training site before Marcos bought it out. They trained a wide spectrum of rope folk from tree surgeons to stuntmen for Bond flicks.

BTW you going to Nouvelle Vague at the Queens Hall?
(I still haven't got tickets yet)
I'm not going to do Nouvelle Vague, no. I hope it goes well, though.

I think part of the Corn Exchange site still is an abattoir/rendering plant.

Okay. News to me. I'll maybe have a look next time I'm over that way.
We went to see Placebo there a few years ago. On the way in there was a flock of sheep in the central grassy area. When we came out there were none.
*insert creepy music*
OMG I'd kill to see Portishead. could you get me a ticket if you're trying? I'll pay even if date doesn't work..