NVA- Botanic Gardens - Spirit - Chinese Spring Lantern Festival

Thanks to Alison for pointing this out:

Take an exquisite illuminated journey through the lush Glasshouses of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh at Scotland’s first ever Chinese Spring Lantern Festival.

Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Friday 22 Feb to Sunday 24th Feb, Thursday 28th Feb to Sunday 2nd March, and Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th March 2008.

More info here.
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Excellent. Note the extra detail on the dates - nothing Monday to Wednesday.
Do you have a date in mind? I was thinking of doing it for Jon's birthday, but that's on a Monday...
Fri 22 Feb is one day after a full moon; Fri 7 March is a new moon. No idea what the weather will be like, though.
I certainly hope that is the case.

Going by their record, it will be.