Cool! Megafauna are so excellent. South America does seem to have been the place for them, too, what with giant sloths and all.
They had a huge monster armadillo too. That must have been quite a sight - they're weird enough at their current size.
*nods* I was watching an episode of The Life of Mammals the other day, and armadillos, pangolins and anteaters featured quite heavily. Freaky critters, all of them!
Yes - they remind me of the bit in The Sparrow where the astronauts are naming all the new animals they discover, and they call one species 'Richard Nixons' because of the way they walk hunched over.
Did he walk like that all the time, or did he just get in and out of helicopters a lot?

I think he had a slight stoop, which was exaggerated by the comedians of the day. Wikipedia says:

Editorial cartoonists such as Herblock and comedians had fun exaggerating Nixon's appearance and mannerisms, to the point where the line between the human and the caricature version of him became increasingly blurred. He was often portrayed as a sullen loner, with unshaven jowls, slumped shoulders, and a furrowed, sweaty brow.
I don't believe they exist.

(Sorry, someone had to do it. Why yes, that is my coat, thanks....)
On a different note me auld china, what are you, Sara and Graham doing for Burns Night? Do you guys have any free time around the week of the 28th? The rota at work is incomplete as incompetence is the very beating heart of all government irrespective of level or size, but sod it, if you guys are free, I'll book a few days off on that week and come on up. Haggis and a holiday. Mmmmmmmm, recuperation.
Yeah? Cool, I'll book a few days off then! How exciting.

Oh, before I do though, is there a suitable place at your abode to close one's eyes and enter a peaceful state of unconsciousness for several hours during the night?
Yeah. I had that there Rome Burns kippin' in my gaff the other week, you know . . .

There are two or three options. One of them's bound to suit.
Oooooohh tough guy. Big man. Actually that sounds gay.

Well that sounds like a plan. I've booked the time off, just waiting for the OK from my exhalted leaders. Will let you know.

Aye, see what Sara and the tweety Boyd are up to on that week also.
Absolutely. "Tweety" just dropped round, actually. I'm sure something mutually convenient can be arranged.
Right, all booked off from the 28th. Now, you may notice that 28th is late for Burns night, but that's OK, the Roman calender is slightly inaccurate and over the years the date has slipped in my favour.

I'll probably set off some time Sunday. Probably stay with my bruv in Newcastle in the eve and continue up on Monday. But if the going's good I'll press on all the way up, or rather aw the way ap, on Sunday. Will keep you posted. What's your telephone number? Drop me an email if you like stealthyarmchair|hotmail|com.

Best change my oil this weekend!