Yes. Likewise.

I knew he liked Psychocandy, because he's mentioned it in some interview. I didn't expect him to go as far.

Actually, it doesn't sound nearly as much like Psychocandy as A Place To Bury Strangers' album does, and Merritt's songs could hardly have been written by anyone else.
Harris tries to slam it, but manages to make it sound fantastic. Even if I didn't like 69 Love Songs and the Mary Chain, I'd want to hear it.

Then there's this:
... Jesus and Mary Chain's Psychocandy, the 1985 album whose mix of wailing feedback, rumbling menace and Phil Spector-esque pop aesthetics endeared it to mid-1980s John Peel listeners in much the same way that the Clash's first album soundtracked the lives of punk rockers.
He makes it sound like those are two different groups of people. Is he calling me a split personality?
... particularly given Jim and William Reid's recent reformation of the original Jesus and Mary Chain.
Really? With Bobby Gillespie on stand-up drums?
Well, we can dream. I'd certainly prefer that to another Primal Scream album. I was never a fan.

Having snaffled some audio, it sounds on a first listen pretty good - but a Magnetic Fields song is instantly identifiable even with a strange production job.

Is he calling me a split personality?

Clearly. And the other you too.