Happy new year

Things to treasure about where I live, number . . . something, in an occasional series:

ON Hogmanay I can walk a hundred yards down the road and divide my attention between the five firework displays visible from the Links.

The party was good. It was quieter than two years ago, and only went on until eight, but I enjoyed it. I liked particularly the way people kept trickling in until well after five.
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Yet again didn't make it. was in taxi and thouht of diverting to yours but.. glad it went well :)
hello, thanks for telling me about the party. i was thinking about going after work but when it came to 5am I was too tired, mainly because I still had a hangover from the night before! I walk past Marchmont on my way home so thought I might still pop in to say hi and all that, but then an offer of a lift home came along, and I took it.

Glad to hear it was good.

Happy New Year :)
Glad the night went well! I ended up at the beach party in the end, as usual. I resisted the temptation to join in with the happy new year swims going on though.
ooo yes, it was the best one so far. Good enough weather at the last min, coupla hundred very happy people, several bonfires to potter between, a steady stream of fireworks and fire balloons going up. Loads more folk down from toon this time by the look of some rather familiar faces.

Looking forward to getting you down here again for a beachy fire. Maybe a beach curry?
29th of Jan isn't it? What are you guys doing? If there's any room, and if it's OK, I'd love to come and visit for a day or so.. I've not seen you, G and S for time and a half, and haggis is one of my favourite foods. And Scotland one of my favourite places.
I've no idea if anyone's planning anything, but I'm sure it could be arranged. Of course you should come up. It'd be great to see you.

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Aye, that would be a serious groove.

OK excellent, well I'll check my leave and let you know in this week!