I went skating today.

It's many years since I've been skating at all, and this was the very first time ever that I've done it while driving upwards of a tonne of motorcar along a suburban street.

Still, no damage done.

Nice relaxed day, and I think I can say that I haven't had any presents. I've got some towels and a book about Kublai Khan, but I think those may have been for my birthday. I could be wrong. My birthday itself was chiefly distinguished for the fact that I went out for a drink to celebrate someone else's birthday (which had been the previous day) instead, and the matter of it being my birthday did not come up in conversation at all. I think the people who knew didn't say anything because I'd said previously that I wasn't doing anything for it, so it was actually quite amusing.

Anyway, got up, tidied a bit, went to feed Leila's cats, tidied and washed up some more (mostly not my mess), made pie, ate pie (broadly speaking a success, but the pastry could do with some work and having chunks of chestnut instead of puree might be interesting), went to see Seth and Lara (and therefore Paul and Judith and Eireann and Sharon) for pointless chat and a rather complex game about building a mediaeval castle.

And now, Bad Santa.
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Belated Happy Birthday. I didn't get presents on mine either, except one girlfriend who always rememebers. Daughters don't and bluerose asked what I wanted and then didn't get it, until, a month later, I got it myself. He hasn't got me anything for Xmas eitehr. Nor have daughters yet and the gift from the gf is stuck in the post.
Thank you. Yes, I'm very familiar with the stuck-in-the-post bit too.
Well, Happy Xmas and Birthday, in that case! I think shameless self-promotion is allowed on one's birthday.
Happy birthday!!! I didn't realise you were another sufferer of the awful shared-Xmas-and-birthday present blight. I think I only got 1 actual Xmas present that wasn't anything to do with a birthday present (from Andy) so i feel for you:)
It's fine. I'm quite pleased by how oddly Christmas is all going. It adds to what interest remains.
happy birthday??
You sneaky bugger! I think Ive been trying to find out your birthday for about a decade and every time you named a different month. Well, will have to remedy that with an extra pressie:-)
Re: happy birthday??
Really? I do usually admit that it's sometime around the arse-end of the year.
Re: happy birthday??
last time you told me it was september, but I knew the year before you'd said it was in april :-) Wish I'd been able to spend yesterday on yer settee - for two celebrations! Was limited to my own settee though that went pretty well in the end! I do have a pressie for you.
Thank you.

I was reading an old entry with a comment from you saying I should remind you to come up for Beltane. When would you like reminded, roughly?
Probably early March, to make sure I can plan around work, thanks.

We were just talking about Beltane this morning too.