Christmas music

There are, of course, two actually good christmas records out, and it's not quite too late for you to rush out, buy about a dozen copies each, and propel them via a great big boot to the arse all the way up the hit parade to the very top.

Christmas Number One, by the Black Arts (being, of course, a collaboration between Black Box Recorder and Art Brut), is a cautionary tale about the effects of having a big hit.

We're all going to die by Malcom "cheery bugger" Middleton is actually quite a bouncy little number . . . for a song about the fact that we're all going to die.

Not for sale, but running those two very close in excellence terms, is Nine Inch Nöels, which I commend to you all most highly. Probably roughly what you'd expect.
Oh god. It's worse thatn Bob Rivers.
I could really go off some people you know.... : P
I seem to remember having a friend who owned Bob Rivers records and played them at people. I'd forgotten who they were by.

Now, was reminding me of that actually a favour, or a curse?