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Steve Bell's good today.

There's also a profile of Shane McGowan:

His girlfriend, Victoria Mary Clarke, was once called to his house to find blood gushing from his mouth after he had tried to eat volume three of The Beach Boys' greatest hits.

"[Shane] had become convinced that the third world war was taking place and that he, as the leader of the Irish republic, was holding a summit meeting in his kitchen between the heads of state of the world superpowers, Russia, China, America and Ireland," she wrote in the Guardian. "In order to demonstrate the cultural inferiority of the United States, he was eating a Beach Boys album."

Let's see Motley Cruet top that. Please.
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His girlfriend, Victoria Mary Clarke

Hearing the name of Shane McGowan's girlfriend always gives me a "there but for the grace of $DEITY" moment...

On the other hand, you would have had "A rainy night in Soho" written about you.
I'm sure that makes up for a *whole* lot of crises and stress...

I'm sorry, am I being a terrible cynic again :)
Not a terrible one, not, but it must make up for a fair number of them.
And the immortal triple 'Victoria/Left me in opium euphoria/for a fat monk singing 'Gloria''
Undying genius. Someday aliens will excavate the remains of human civilization and find that carved ten feet high into the stones.