gigantor - friday 07.12.07

So soon? Yes, we're afraid so. Before your hips have recovered and
your zimmer frames have cooled from their red-hot glow, it's already
time to run to the hills - or, if the mood takes you, run down to Teviot
for another installation of everyone's favourite longrunning SF-benefit
Edinburgh alternative nightclub

For the trivial fee of only two of your earth pounds you'll be able to dance
your way from nine at night until three in the morning, to the usual medley
of curiosities, alternopop and retro-microhits.

So: From 9pm on Friday, the 7th of December until 3am on Saturday,
in Teviot Underground ("The Park Room" to anyone sufficiently old),
for 2 quid. Non-students welcome to this fine building (the oldest
purpose-built student union building in the world) but please bring
photo-ID for the bouncers on the front door. They get hungry.
  • Current Location: the boxroom
  • Current Music: Low - Murderer