More misc.

I was highly amused by the comments of Donald Trump's point man in Aberdeenshire, George Sorial, on hearing that the council had inexplicably decided to throw out the overblown and environmentally damaging plan to build yet another sprawling golf course in the area.

Sorial defended accusations the Trump team had been "arrogant and patronising" in its approach. "There's a view we are arrogant. We are not arrogant. We set certain standards. It may be incomprehensible to smaller minds, but we have always set high standards."


Also, Hedy Lamarr has been accorded posthumous honorary membership of the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists, which is obviously excellent news for fans of spread-spectrum communication the world over.
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That's brilliant! Also, must join Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists.
You didn't cut it off, then?

Actually, I think you still had short hair the last time I saw you.
Not all of it, just some, and it's almost grown back now. (Freaky hair-growing speed ftw - I wish it didn't also apply to toenails!) It looks like (that is me at robinbloke's party recently; sadly, he chopped off my legs and waited until my face looked silly :(
The Donald has always maintained the highest possible standards when hiring total assholes to attend him. Smaller minds simply can't comprehend how arrogant a douchebag one must be to meet these requirements.
Hedy Lamarr had both brains and looks. I find myself having to struggle with just one of those. Life just isn't fair :-(