Here are the roses.

Mark just pointed me at this band called Dragons (the British one, not the Californian one). Musically they're rather nice in a vaguely DM/Interpol/Editors kind of way (which is a kind of way I rather like), but what I really want to point out to you is the cover photo from their album "Here are the roses". Back when records were a foot across, that's the sort of picture that would sell a significant number of copies on its own. I've bought a couple of albums on the basis of having a sleeve that good, and I've not necessarily been disappointed. These days, of course, nobody's going to shell out for a picture the size of a postage stamp. I wonder if they do a poster?

The gig went very well, incidentally. I had a great time, I think other people did too, and it was great to catch up with usually-far-distant friends. Pictures may follow. Possibly.
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I hope you're attending your local milongas and alternative tangos so you'll know what to do once you get here.
Makes me think of the description of the cover of Frozen Gold's debut album. And that's no bad thing.

I mistypoed that as "Frozen God", which is probably a better name for a band.
It is possible that it'll be released on vinyl. I remember The Open had a picture disc similar to that about a year ago.

Oh, and if you're after some Interpol/Editors style indie, may I suggest The Cinematics from Glasgow? They're very good.