Much Misc.

1. Late Junction on Radio 3 tonight (11:15-1am) has something on Diamanda Galas.

2. The government are looking for buyers for Northern Rock: Steve Bell reports.

3. According to Thee Ackurssed Witchipedia, My Bloody Valentine sold out the Manchester Apollo in 30 minutes, Glasgow Barrowland in 15 minutes and the London Roundhouse in 6 minutes. Not bad for a bunch of feckless lazy slackers who haven't done a hand's turn in fifteen years, eh? Extra dates have been announced.

4. New Model Army were very good last week, although I'm told the Yorkshire gigs were much wilder. Less Chunder & Constipation this time, but more Ghost of Cain and Impurity (no Marrakesh, alas). The support band, Demander, from New York, were good although I'm told they too were better in Yorkshire. And not by anybody who's actually from Yorkshire, either. I'd not been to the Cathouse before. Tiny little place.

5. I've been vaguely been considering photographing all of my old concert tickets. Comically, it took me a while to remember that the new camera is actually capable of taking photos at less than full resolution. I'm also undecided as to whether this would really be worthwhile, given all the concerts I didn't have paper tickets for.

6. I was asked to do the seven-earworms memething a few weeks ago, and I still haven't. Sorry. I will.

7. The first chapter of "Memoirs of a Gnostic Dwarf" is up here. It's a bit odd, and not necessarily worksafe, depending on where you work. Not necessarily brainsafe either, for that matter.

8. Eight, I forget was eight is for.

9. Even on listen-again, you've missed the first of the new series of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. Unless, of course, you haven't.

10. There is no point ten.

11. But there is a point eleven - Paul Raven's Guardian obit finally arrived today - presumably they actually had to write one as they didn't expect him to kick it so soon. It's here.
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Re: Marrakesh
"Still this childhood romance will never die . . ."

That's one they did play.

Yes, although a sense of place is central to quite a few of their songs. And I don't know any songs by anyone apart from Marrakesh and Family that mention the M6, which is odd given how prominent it is.

As I think I've said before, I periodically have the urge to write "I'm sorry" under the M6.
Re: Marrakesh
And I don't know any songs by anyone apart from Marrakesh and Family that mention the M6

Surprised you didn't think of HMHB's M6-ster off "This Leaden Pall".
Re: Marrakesh
A good point, well put - I probably didn't think of it, in fact, because I've never had any idea what it's about.
Re: Marrakesh
Totally randomly I have an obscure cd by a band called Pain, with a song entirely about the M6 North on it.

Incidentally z - on the subject of photographing your gig tickets, I thought it would make a great background for a portrait, lying in them all spread out on a bed or similar?
Re: Marrakesh
That is simultaneously a slightly scary idea and a rather tempting one.
Re: Marrakesh
That's them.
If you want me to email you the track let me know what address to send it to.
I actually got the cd because it has a track called "Grow More Weed" on it that I like.

I look forward to the photo too! ;)