Seth's take on Gigantor - for those of you who don't read the relevant communities:

as some people seem to give a shit about stuff like this these days, i should probably mention that we're a non-profit club - all proceeds go to the edinburgh uni scifi society to buy books and dvds. if you're a scifi nerd, you'll realise that this is a great idea. if you're not a scifi nerd, just be thankful that by buying them books and dvds, you're helping to keep them off the streets.

the 3 djs are all vegetarian or vegan, and we keep our records in a pleasant free range environment between gigs, feeding them exclusively on organically grown dust. there is however, an unavoidable necessity to cram them into veal crates in order to transport them to the venue.

we've been running this particular club for about 13 years or so, but some of the *cough* older djs have been doing this kinda thing for about 20 years now. despite that, we haven't really gotten any better at it, and no - we haven't got many new records, either :)

Friday, remember. I'll show you all the excellent flyer later. And the Screaming Banshee Aircrew with Rome Burns on Saturday, ditto.
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Screaming Bansee Aircrew with Rome Burns on Friday, ditto

saturday for this one, innit ?

Can I pretend it was a hidden puzzle and buy you off with chocolate? Mind you, offering people rewards never works when you do it.
They are.

Neither of you spotted me spelling Banshee wrong, though.

I don't know. Clart by name, clart by nature.
Perhaps we should record them, or do a live webcast. We could get seriously sued for that. It'd be great.
Gigantor! Woot! Oh damn. E's party is the same night. Hmm, maybe I could persuade them to come.