La Cabina


Who remembers that Spanish film about a telephone box?

Better than the recent American one, wasn't it?

La Cabina, part 1

La Cabina, part 2

La Cabina, part 3

La Cabina, part 4

Watch in order, and don't check for spoilers first. Apparently BBC2 showed it several times, but I'm not aware of it having been on at all recently. A cult favourite.
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I remember seeing a good-sized chunk of it on the video screens at a goth club. Probably either Tenebrae or Slimelight.
Apparently I'm about 3 hours short of having an avi of my own. If that doesn't work, though, I'll let you know.

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. I have a DVD of a VHS recording from Channel 4 in the mis 1980s.
Of the film, or of watching it on youtube? If the latter, then it's only really intended for any of the several people I know who've already seen it and are frustrated by it never being shown again or available on DVD or tape. There's only about half an hour of it.
Aaaaaaah! I saw this on telly when I was quite young (probably the mid 80s or so) and it really got to me. It was *years* before I could shut the door on a phone box. I had vaguely tried to find out what it was again before now, but this is absolutely it. Crikey.

(What's the recent American one, then?)
Phone Booth. 2002. Man answers phone and is told there's a sniper taking bead on him. Various demands follow.

The avi has better resolution, but is still a bit crummy. I'd have thought a DVD release of some sort would be well worthwhile - perhaps its length is the problem. Someone should find another cult short to bundle it with.