A pagan place

Samhain was good. Even the Scotsman was nice about us, and that never normally happens. I was incredibly unenthusiastic about it in the run up, and could hardly be bothered heading out the door on the afternoon, but I had a terrific time.

The drummers, of course, were fantastic.

We even had protesters this time. Clearly we have arrived.

The car has also been serviced and got its MoT. The guys at the garage now recognise it as an old friend, even though they only see it once or twice a year. Apparently a bit had fallen off the front suspension, and I would have noticed it if I'd tried any tight corners.

There'a a rumour Disgraceland is on tonight, but I'd got the impression it was next week and I can't find anything online . . . anyone know?

Apparently Jello's in Glasgow next week.
Agreed, some of them may have been in it for the sake of protesting. However, if you look at it from their point of view they're concerned that we are harming ourselves and harming others around us. Many of them honestly believe they're doing the right thing.

Of course it doesn't help that they're so heavily indoctrinated that what we're doing is evil.
I don't doubt they mean well, and I'm sure they're lovely people. They were, however, being ridiculous.
Yes, it is ridiculous. I'm sure there would be an outcry if we hung around their events beating drums and being generally pagan.

Their approach is inappropriate. They're not going to make any difference to the people who are there just for a good time, or to the strong believers who are not going to welcome the intrusion into their event. I think it's called preaching to the inconvertable.

And they looked silly wearing white and holding placards. I think I was mildly amused, but not impressed.
Well at least they didn't make too much of a nuisance of themselves. They turned up, made their point of view known, and left it at that. Could have been a lot worse.
Many of them honestly believe they're doing the right thing.

I don't doubt it. I'm sure the same is true of Tony Blair, George Bush, etc.
They either aren't that consistent or have come to some sort of rapprochement with other Abrahamic religions.
I have no idea how they feel about Hindus. Logically they should be less happy about them, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have any objection in practice.
Here's how they feel: "You're either with us, or you're against us". There's no middle ground. They don't do interfaith. They are fairly conservative about who they preach to however, and tend to go for the easier to target groups (like pagans).
Disgraceland is on *next* friday, the 9th, according to his Myspac page-FNGSE starts tonight, in the Tron's basement, between 7.30pm and about 12.45, and it's free before 8.30 ( I think it's 3 quid thereafter...)
Thankyou. I had actually checked that page and failed to notice that date. I'm probably going to skip one or two of the FGSE sets, but I definitely plan on being there. You showing?
I was planning to, but I feel lousy, so I'll see how I'm doing after my Barnados shift and some dinner...
The Scotsman? Where? I picked up a copy of the paper the day after and couldn't find it... Was it in today's?
I'm not sure very sad is justified. I don't think they spoiled it for anyone - and to be honest I think their goal was probably to give food for thought rather than to spoil anything.