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Oh, I want one.

NB - arachnophobes are hereby warned against following that link. You Have Been Warned..

Apparently the eyes light up and everything.

Errr . . . Neon was Neon last night. Having the mixer on stuff on a plank hung by straps from the ceiling was odd. I thought for a while that it seemed to be swinging gently because of the lighting, and then I noticed that it was because it was actually swinging gently. In spite of this, Colin successfully played a couple of album tracks and a 12". Strange. I was going to play a couple of Raven-era KJ songs, but I only got one in in the end due to time constraints. The Leningrad Cowboys/Red Army Chorus version of Sweet Home Alabama went down well, and I actually get to count it as a request. I'm going to claim that I played it because a blonde in a short skirt came and asked for a version, because I don't want you thinking that I have a morbid fascination with strange cover versions.
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You are a bad man, posting that when I've jut conquered my r/c dragonfly fixation!
Have you ever handled a tarantula? I finally did last summer at the company picnic (they hired in a petting zoo). They're not gross at all--it feels like being gently trampled by a gang of Q-tips. It was no 10 inches though.

I'm into GREAT BIG MOTHS these days--there's a wonderful picture on Wikipedia of an Atlas moth on a sign in a bus station or something in Madagascar or someplace--the thing is as big as a paperback.
I haven't, no. Sounds fascinating. I had a snake, way back when. Just a small one. That felt rather pleasant too.

>EM>Atlas moth on a sign in a bus station or something in Madagascar or someplace</em>

Singapore. yes, huge. Very impressive.

Moon moths are nice too . . . in pictures at least. I should go out to that butterfly place, really.
I wonder what Caligula would make of it? Probably attack it I expect.
Or shit himself and do a runner. Tarantulas are very dangerous to animals that size, and have tricks besides biting.
He would probably have been scared of it when he was little (and rather timid). I doubt if he would be now. Still, one way to find out...
It's so cute! It might do as a substitute for a real tarantula pet- Pete paled somewhat when I said I wanted one of those cute fuzzy critters... ;)
I so want, but the puppets may get jealous...
Oh man, this would make an awesome cat toy!
Alternatively, "Oh man, my flatmate's cat would make an awesome toy for that . . ."
I clicked, despite your warning, and it wasn't actually that bad.

Wouldn't want to see it move though...
There is a site with video, but that would perhaps have been getting towards malicious.