Inane, overextended and petty malice

Sadly, the Chicago Sun-Times' somewhat hostile review of the Zune seems to have vanished. For my own reference (mainly) some of it's here - "The Zune is a square wheel, a product that’s so absurd and so obviously immune to success that it evokes something akin to a sense of pity."

I did, though, come across another review of "Looking for - Best of David Hasselhoff", a record I seem to recall mentioning once or twice before. This is from one Ssael Ffoh Vadid of Hamburg:

Words simply fail me in describing this album. So do my bodily functions. I will never forget the first time I heard its life-altering tones - it was at my parent's house eight years ago. I only came out of the coma yesterday. Yes - it's that good. In fact I just turned on the stereo here as I'm writing this review. Hot Shot City is just about to st

[Note from the executor of the author's estate] I regret to inform the readers of this review that the author immediately lapsed back into an irreversible coma upon hearing the dulcid tones of Hot Shot City. I myself was only able to prevent myself from succumbing to its insane sweetness by gnawing my own leg off. I urge you to buy this album, but not to listen to it. For your own safety, and the peace of mind of those around you - David Huddelpup's music is simply beyond our current mortal capabilities to absorb. Hey - did someone just turn on the ste

There's a rumour that Creaming Jesus may be up to stuff.
There's a rumour that Creaming Jesus may be up to stuff.

I do hope that rumour is true O_O
When I first saw that line I thought it was some evolutionary term.
Now my mind is spinning off onto all kinds of tangents
There's a new version out soon. Maybe they'll get it right this time.

Yeah, right.
Ah, the Zune: just when you thought that Microsoft Sidewalk was the worst production Microsoft could come up with.
No, it looked like a page-not found error. The point of the quote was to give me enough to google on later.