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Is anyone is the habit of going to Bedlam in Glasgow?
Jesus Christ! There's a trip down memory lane. I used to go to Bedlam years ago (I graduated from Glasgow in 2002). If it's still going after all this time then it can't be too bad. It was always a pretty good night as I remember ...
You may actually have introduced me to them, unless I'm misremembering horribly.
Yeah, quite possibly. I bumped into Greg and Danielle at Whitby a while back, and I often see Brian there.
As far as I remember it was a good night, especially since it wasn't at a venue in Edinburgh that I went to almost weekly, a change of scene. Although you can tell the time by what track is being played - that was confirmed still to be the case upon my recent visit to Glasgow by some Bedlam regulars.
The question is more exactly whether anyone we're going to see beforehand is going to be going tomorrow. It looks like the answer may well be No.

Possibly this will mean going ourselves. Oh, the humanity . . .
I was thinking about heading through tomorrow, but the logistics look like they may be a bit much for me at the moment...
Poop. I was going to ask you if you wanted to go for a drink this weekend.
I'm not necessarily going to Glasgow. And there are other bits to the weekend. I'm sure something can be arranged.

I like Bedlam from time to time. It's a git having to choose between the expense of a B&B or the 3am bus lottery though.