Oh, cool! I forgot about that. I must get out and have one last look around.
I plan to make it up Calton hill to the observatory. Not sure what time though...
. . . because they had nothing worth stealing, in the main.

Actually, I think my granddad still leaves his door unlocked.
ah, your icon reminds me I still have my Cocteau Twins t-shirt from 1984 somewhere in a bag in a loft on the other side of the planet. Excellent. Grey with bright pink bits.
Alas, I kept it especially cos it's wonderful and special to me. It is well guarded and protected by my dad's hoarded junk.

However, I have a U2 WAR tour sleeveless jacket in mint condition that could find a better home than his.
Actually, come to think on it more. It's 1982 not 84.

As I went to see The Cocteau Twins supporting OMD at the Edinburgh Playhouse, the night before my very first O Grade exam (April). Which I proudly failed getting an E. If my parents had known about the exam the next day I wouldn't have been able to go! I've always been crap at English but did eventually get a C pass... and skilfully still managed to progress to a Masters. I'm cleva me ;)
I had the arum lily somersaulting lady on a badge which got lost. OMD hmmm. Early days.
When I saw them they always headlined with interesting support acts. Usher Hall, Queen's Hall, Barrowlands. Felt, Dif Juz, Cindytalk? Saw them in the crowd at an early Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds gig at Clouds.
I did well at xhool but crapped out of Further Education. The terror of 11 years in institutions was enough for me.
We're planning on doing something, but haven't any particularly clear ideas as to what.
Care to join us for a meander?