Screaming Banshee Aircrew / Rome Burns concert - 24th November

Screaming Banshee Aircrew

"droll rock cabaret . . . like some 1920s Weimar Berlin show morphed through a goth-punk processor" (The Observer)
"an arsenal of tunes clearly outlawed by international treaty" (Sandman Magazine)

Rome Burns

"erudite, wordy, quirky" (Starvox)
"Brilliant in virtually every way" (Mick Mercer)

Cabaret Voltaire, Blair street, Edinburgh.
24th November 2007 - Doors 7pm
Tickets £6 (sbtf) from Ripping Records or Underground Nation, Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh
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I'm trying to look stuff up as we speak, but I suspect I'll have to talk to them tomorrow to find out. Ticketweb says no, but elsewhere it says limited-call-them-in-advance.
I suspect this is going to mean using the stage door on Niddrie Street. It still involves some stairs, though not nearly as many.
Good question. I'm not actually sure where the various band members will be staying yet. If I can arrange it, then yes, but just at the moment I have no way of knowing.
Thats quite shiny. I might be tempted to pop up for a weekend.
Well, it'd be great to see you. We've got a club on the night before too.