xfm et al

I was listening to XFM Scotland this morning - more because I never had than because I had any great hopes for it - and was gradually getting some idea what kind of station it is, when I suddenly had it rammed home exactly what kind of station it is. There was a news item about a classic rock band called the "Sex Pistols" doing a one-off gig to mark the thirtieth anniversary of their album . . . "Never Mind The Blank".

Oh, for fuck's sake. Scumsucking shitehawks.

And in vaguely similar news, have I mentioned lately that faith schooling's a total abomination?
You hadn't mentioned lately, and it always bears repeating anyway.
According to Wikipedia a 2000 survey ranked Bollocks 8th most offensive word in english after Prick but before Arsehole, and only 11% thought it appropriate to broadcast before 9pm watershed.

Readings from Leviticus in John Wycliffe's Bible will therefore not be allowed.

so Sleeping Beauty can't prick her finger? that's outlandish!!! they can't change history like that!

[I'll have to see where my fav, fuckwit, comes on the list]
I have on tape (somewhere) a documentary on swearing, presented by Jerry Sadowitz - he is, after all, a bit of an authority. One of the points he makes along the way is that causing offence is often a matter of context and phrasing. For example, if he were to say "I've pricked my finger", nob0ody would think anything of it, where as if he said "I've fingered my prick" things would be very different.

I think what he was driving at is that it's not the words themselves that are offensive, but the ideas behind them - but then, saying Blank instead of bollocks fools nobody, and neither does insisting on printing f*ck, c*nt or N*rm*an T*bb*t instead of the actual words.

In other words, people don't make sense on this issue, and it's pointless trying to drag logic into it.
I tend to agree with you on Faith Schooling, even though I consider myself a Christian from a Catholic background. However I wonder whether a non-faith oriented school would have had an officially supported Amnesty Group at all?

Its a long time since I was at school but i doubt my school would have allowed it and supported it.
"Never Mind The Metamucil, Here's The Fiftysomething Pistols." (Or, as I like to note, the only difference between my ex-wife and Nancy Spungen is that Nancy was three months younger, she had better fashion sense and taste in spouses, and she didn't whine quite so much.)
And my family wonders why I giggle so when they ask me why I left Catholicism. At times, whenever I hear Bill Donohue of the Catholic League start to yammer, I want to scream back "YOU! Where the FUCK is your chin?"