Me, Gary, Colin and Tony this week.

Steinski and the Mass Media - And the motorcade sped on
Sluts of Trust - Leave you wanting more
Snuff - Song to the siren
Cast of Avenue Q - The internet is for porn
Jarvis Cocker - Cunts are still running the world
The Tiger Lillies - Banging in the nails
The Stranglers - Hanging around
New Model Army - Rumour and rapture
Ladytron - Weekend
Nine Inch Nails - Piggy(r)
Violent Femmes - Add it up
The Ramones - Howling at the moon(r)
Pixies - Gouge away(r)
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus(r)
New Order - True faith(r)
Joy Division - Transmission

This second set, for some reason, featured a naked wrestling floorshow, which went on for a surprisingly long time before the bouncers made them put their trousers on again and leave.
In other news, BBC4 has a documentary about Factory on on Friday at about nine, so I'll have to remember how to set the vido.

Ermm . . . went to see Gav playing the part of Jimmy Destri in a historical re-enactment on Friday. Chatted to their new Debbie afterwards, and was amazed by how little she resembles the real one when in mufti compared to in costume. Saturday was Nervywotsit at the Canon's Gait, which was rather fun. Early Sunday evening I started to go down with a cold, so I didn't sleep well after Neon and spent most of today trying to get somebody at the blood transfusion service to tell me whether this is serious enough that they need to know about it. I still haven't heard - actually giving them the damn blood was a lot easier than getting a straightforward answer. They have told me to go to my GP - presumably to make sure that it's not dengue or rabies or anything - but this will be tricky as I'm still registered with the Queen Edith's practice near Addenbrooke's. The last time I went to a GP because I was ill (as opposed to dropping in to register) must have been between ten and fifteen years ago. Perhaps I shoudl try being convincingly sick more often rather than just having low-grade untreated nonsense to grumble about.
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You're obviously a good boy if you don't get sick. Wish i had that skill.
I get small stuff, like colds, and things I can manage myself without prescriptions. I just haven't had anything serious in a while.
Whereas I go in frequently for repeat prescriptions, but as long as they keep dishing out the drugs, I rarely need to see a doctor.
I'm just lousy at feeding myself. if i remember to take some vits/mins then things do seem better. but if i fed myself properly i shouldn't need that stuff. i've always said that if i won a lottery, i'd get a cook. i pay ppl to feed me here, that's a benefit of being in an urban area i guess. i can walk to a pub and an arthouse cinema again too. but the beach is a stretch. all these things are good for my health... but snogging my friends isn't!

Thanks for coming down on Friday.

Meant to go to NERVENKRIEG (it sounds like you ought to yell it) on Saturday but was drained of energy. Did you notice if they were using the pub PA, and if so, was it any good?

Thanks for coming down on Friday.

Thanks for pointing it out. It was fun seeing you play again.

Did you notice if they were using the pub PA, and if so, was it any good?

For a music night, not stellar but certainly adequate. For, say, a fiction reading, I'd expect it to be more than enough.