Tuesday. Not the best day of the week.

Today was a bit of a waste. I could have safely stayed in bed.

Still, I've got the pictures back from Iceland. To be honest, it's quite clear how grey the light was that weekend. Still, I'll try to get some scanned and put up. There's quite a nice one of Strokkur, actually, as the dome rose. I should make more of an effort to take photographs and stick them up. I used to take quite a lot, and now it's hardly any. Maybe I should start carrying the OM around routinely.

Johnny S made it onto the front pages today. Appparently various people I know could be seen on the evening news celebrating. Good thing I didn't go along, really. I am far from photogenic. There is light at the end of the tunnel, incidentally, for no fewer than three of my most unco-operative projects. And the new HMHB album's very good, although I seem to have lost my copy of the previous one. At some point soon, either I or my bank manager are going to get a gong for services to the record industry.

I notice in the paper that Kamuniak the lioness has adopted another oryx calf - her fifth this year.
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Tuesdays suck. Mondays are ironically more bearable as there is a general consensus it's going to be crappy and that generates a camaraderie about it all. Wednesday are a bit nothing but at least you're halfway to the weekend. By Thursday you've broken the back of the week and well, Friday is Friday. But Tuesdays suck.
Calling Tuesdays aren't too bad, as you have something to look forwards to - but the train ride back to London from Cam at some ungodly hour in the morning for work the next day makes for a pretty shitty Wednesday.
the photo i took of you was nice though. photogenic+++
you looked thoughtful, surprised, happy and nice all at the same time.
was thinking about ringing you, seeing as you were good enough to let me have your number... but our phone broke.
now, we have a new one which has been placed in an unmoveable place where everyone can see you're using it... damn.
iceland sounds interesting.
see you soon or not so soon,
A decent picture of me? I'll believe it when i see it. Cheers, though. If you want to call . . . well, I'm in most evenings during the week (except when the Calling's on, of course). And yes, Iceland was fascinating, thank you.

See you around . . .