Moral purposes only!

The weekend was excellent. I'll try to write it up briefly this week. In the meantime, El Reg has linked to this fantastic eBay auction (now sadly over) for one of the most fantastic products imaginable. I am especially amused by the subtle and tasteful graphics down the right-hand side (it'll be obvious which one I mean). Not necessarily worksafe, depending on your work. And there's a frankly bizarre picture of a spider there, too, in a position I can't imagine it would want to be in or be pleased with. And all for only 12 quid. Irresistable.
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That was unkind, and in no way do I regret not being there to see it.
check some of the feedback...

Who would have thought staring at a nail could be so cool! Great Stuff!!

The birthday power-wish becomes the directed will of the mind

Sadly, my birthday wishes don't come true. Clearly I'm a hopeless case.
Re: connected?
despite being armed with a spanner and two knives

Well, there's their problem. If they'd had an invisible spanner and knives, then they'd never have been seen. You have to pay attention to detail.
I will not be clicking the link now that you've warned me about the spider. They tend to induce panic attacks.
Strangely, you're not the only one.

I used to have friends who were into this sort of thing. I laughed.

Now that they've spent time in secure psychiatric institutions . . . OK, I still laugh, but it's not the same. There are some very damaged people out there.
Screw you and your cynicism, unbeliever! When my order arrives, I'm going to bring dead creatures BACK TO LIFE. (As if the secrets of the quiet world of frogs and toads, and keeping a squirrel in my pocket weren't amazing enough).