Neon setlist, for whatever it's worth.

It turned out to be me, Nik and Gary entertaining the assembled oligotude. Not bad, actually. Quite fun. I may be doing it more regularly. Of course, after accepting Nik's offer of tea afterwards I wasn't home until about five, but them's the breaks.

Midnight until half-past:
SimRonan : Afraid of scissors
Laibach: Sympathy for the Devil (dem Teufel Zugeneigt)
Firewater: Knock'em down
Gogol Bordello: Start wearing purple
Joy Division: Transmission
Editors: Blood
NMA: Vagabonds
DM: Personal Cheeses

1:30 until 2:
Ladytron: Destroy everything you touch
Gary Numan, or possibly Tubeway Army: Cars (premier)
Piskies: Velouria
Die Schmieden: Welches unterscheidet er?
The Clash: I fought the law (live)
PWEI: Auslander
Rammstein: Zwitter
Start wearing purple, Vagabonds, and Destroy everything you touch. I wish I'd been feeling up to it.

Fancy a Gremlins night soon at Mark's parents? It would just be a couple of people as it's not my place and we have the dog to consider. It would also have to be a night where Mark isn't working.
Sure. I'll be away until Monday now, but sometime next week or so should work.