The atrocity exhibition

As I'm here, I'll just mention this article about Joy Division and Control.

"This sounds awful but it was only after Ian died that we sat down and listened to the lyrics," says Morris. "You'd find yourself thinking, 'Oh my God, I missed this one.' Because I'd look at Ian's lyrics and think how clever he was putting himself in the position of someone else. I never believed he was writing about himself. Looking back, how could I have been so bleedin' stupid? Of course he was writing about himself. But I didn't go in and grab him and ask, 'What's up?' I have to live with that. Watching the film, there were moments when I wished I could have stepped into the film. Unfortunately, you can't."

This, of course, reminds me of Mark & Lard's quiz "We Love Us", which had them getting band members out of their beds and asking them tricky questions like what the second track on their own first album was, which they wouldn't generally know, or which of their songs particular lines came from (although the singers would be much better with lyrics than the rest - usually).

I've been avoiding the news this weekend, mostly. The Hoose last night had the BBC on, and it seemed to be rather singlemindedly pursuing the obvious agenda. The chicken, however, stops here - I hope.
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Nevermind The Buzzcocks is always fun, watching bands get their own songs pitifully wrong. Watching Steve Harley fail to get the next line after "Come up and see me, make me smile" was just hilarious.

I read that article about Control on Friday. It's heartbreaking :(

I'm not a big Joy Division fan at all but I find myself really wanting to see the movie now.