Amanda Palmer variety night

99 Hanover Street, 10pm-2 tonight (Monday night, that is), and free.

See here for further details.
It was . . . rather good. A fair few performers, mostly very entertaining and all very talented. And a shameless exhibitionist in the audience, but to be honest I didn't fancy him much.
Ah, she's doing the whole production instead of just a show still?

Was the shameless exhibitionist Brian? ;)

How was she? I've never seen her perform on her own.
She had her own show on last week. Some of the same performers made appearances in it, but it was basically a solo show. Most of lats night was other people - until her bit at the end, she only cropped up to introduce people.

She was good. Probably better than during here solo show, as she didn't keep getting interrupted by her guest peformers.

As far as I know Brian isn't here.
What kind of stuff did she play?
Dolls stuff, or covers, or the usual mix?

She played Edinburgh by herself before, hasn't she? I hope she's coming to London. I hope she hasn't already and I've missed her. !
Dolls songs, new ones, and Creep on the ukelele.

I'm not aware of her having done Edinburgh solo before. She seems to be in the UK at least until Saturday - one appearance in Manchester, only.
Yeah, I think it was in 2005...her first solo gig in the UK, I think.

Ukelele? Wow. What did that sound like?
Almost exactly like somebody covering a Radiohead song on the ukelele.
You're a master wordsmith, has anyone told you that? You paint such a lush description with your explanations that it's like I was there. :P

Ok, here's an easy one:

Did it suck?
Well, if you like her voice, and don't object too much to ukeleles, and like Creep but don't think that covering it constitutes sacrilege, then no it didn't suck. But for a fair proportion of the population that will mean that it would suck. It's not really a straightforward question to answer.
I liked it, yes. She'd actually done it in her own show too, but last night she did it with one of her mates, standing on the bar.

I'm going to leave that sentence as it is, because I like it like that. She did mention "hot uke-on-uke action" afterwards.
Wow, sounds like you got your money's worth.

Uke-on-uke action. There should be films...
People took photos. I'm sure they'll be online in due coarse.

(sic, obviously)
Eeee, are you saying that with a cheesy American accent?

All the way, huh?

Would you....drink coffee?