. . . is excellent. It's also a lot funnier than you might expect, especially at the beginning, although obviously there's a kick in the face waiting for you at the end.

It was interesting who they got to play John Cooper Clarke. I would have guessed it would be a difficult casting decision, but they found an interesting (if unorthodox) solution.

They'd had time to attach a dedication to Tony Wilson at the beginning. The contrast between 24 Hour Party People and this is interesting. He's a smaller character in this one, of course, and a lot of the time a rather quieter character.

The actors playing the band also played the music for the on-stage scenes - James Pearson (Sumner) was there, and apparently he learned to play guitar from scratch for the part. They sounded damn good, too - if the acting thing doesn't work out for them, they could probably hack it as a JD tribute act. He - and the film - got a round of applause at the end. I may possibly while leaving have overheard a comment from him in praise of Corbijn's general level of talent, which I'd agree with on this evidence.

It's based mainly on Deborah Curtis' book (very good - well worth reading) with extra contributions, in the case of some scenes surely from Annik Honoré, the only living person who was there. It shouldn't have been a surprise to be reminded how young they all were, but it was. Hardly more than children.
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Was this a showing for the festival or is it starting to be shown in theatres?
This was at the Film Festival, but it should apparently be out in the UK on the 5th of October.

Actually, they seemed very pleased to have it - the artistic director of the Film Festival turned up personally to introduce it, in spite of them already having shown it on Friday.
Excellent. I look forward to being able to see this film sometime. (re Tony Wilson) Timing is amazing sometimes.
"apparently he learned to play guitar from scratch for the part"

Considering Joy Division were a working example of "anyone can do it", i.e. they quite literally couldn't play, learning enough guitar to play Joy Division songs would not be mindbogglingly difficult.