Ride a cock horse . . .

Brilliant. Although, of course, that's easy for me to say - I don't live there. Note the usual whinging from the Scotsman's online following . . . how can you tell if you're in a plane with a Scotsman reader? Well, the whining keeps going after they turn the engines off. Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week.

About a year ago I went to see La Clique, featuring a contortionist called Captain Frodo who did something quite implausible with tennis racquets. Enjoy. And while you're at it (if you're at it, anyway) CJ mentioned an intemperate irreligious rant by Marcus Brigstock that someone had put there too. Both highly recommended.

I'm off hippyherding in the morning. Back Sunday. Take care until then - I don't want to return to news of you all being horribly injured.

I had a Neon set on Sunday, for the first time in 18 months or so. I was a touch late (I don't know where they meet or how they get in before the place opens) so they'd happily given me the four-to-five slot, guaranteeing that I'd be playing records at probably only a very few people (if I were to be uncharitable I'd say "only the ones they hadn't chased away", but that would be far more harsh than accurate so I'll put in only as a parenthesised counterfactual, with two full stops and a comma in the usual way1).

NoFX - Please play this song on the radio (R)
The Smiths - What difference does it make (R)
New M o d e l A r m y - V a g a b o n d s (R)
CSS - Let's make love and listen to Death From Above (R) (Good title)
Ladytron - Destroy everything you touch
New Order - True faith
Depeche Mode - It's no good (R)
Joy Division - Disorder (R)
Puressence - Sharpen up the knives
The Only Ones - Another girl. another planet
The Ramones - Sheena is a punk rocker
The Clash - Rock the casbah
Half Man, Half Biscuit - Vatican broadside
The Sisters of Mercy - Temple of love
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Do you love me?
The Smiths - This charming man (R)
Cristina - Is that all there is?

[1]. "Two full stops and a comma in the usual way": for the benefit of you who haven't seen Accidental Death Of An Anarchist - go see it. It's hideously funny, and involves the aforementioned punctuation strategy in a situation far too complicated to explain in a footnote.
excellent setlist that. haven't been to neon in god knows how long myself...
Yeah, it's a much better space, and they've started off on a better footing by spending a wee bit of money on it, and seem intent on keeping up a reasonable level of investment. Subway Cowgate had decent atmosphere but needed a lot of work to get it up to spec.
oh, and re. captain frodo, I've seen him afore, he's quite impressive! I saw him to odd things with a pile of buckets.
I am actually surprised that so many people read the Scotsman. It may be because the Glasgow Herald is still seen as representing the West Coast media bias and doesn't seem to allow comments to articles.
The Evening News and Scotsman comments are often made in the early hours sometimes prior to work and often have a critical bent towards civic elected officials which I think betrays a fifth column whistleblower mentality within City of Edinburgh Council.
God knows some of those officials need taken to task yet I cannot trust the leakers and squeakers hiding behind anonymity in places like the site with edinburgh in the title and a reference to sucking. I don't mention it by name as they TRAWL the Net like some thought police arbitrating their take on "democracy".
The nutters who comment on the Scotsman articles almost keep hours relative to their positions. You can almost time when some of them will come on.
Not that I get that far into the comments without feeling quite ill.
You really need to DJ Neon more often. Twas much more fun with you there!

That, and we should really start writing down our sets and posting them in the Neon LJ group. Will try and bring a notepad this weekend!
Sorry I thought I said we just turn up at venue for 11 start. If the door is shut, you bang on it and explain who you are. Anyway, thanks for doing it and I hope it wasn't too miserable. If you want to do it again let me know, I should be able to be there every week when I get my 'working from home on Mondays' thing sorted out.
Cheers. Anytime you want me pestering your punters, just let me know. See you soon.
contortionist called Captain Frodo who did something quite implausible with tennis racquets

That description makes it sound a lot more salacious.
Hippyherding = Cropredy I take it. Awesome :)

hope you're not standing in mud all weekend. have a great time.
Thanks for the Marcus Brigstock link. I heard the Now Show with him twice but still wanted to keep and treasure the rant :).
I wish someone would play a setlist like that down here! Nowhere seems to play the Smiths anymore, it's bloody depressing. Nor NOFX, or Puressence.

Enjoy hippyhearding. It must be nice to be amongst your own...

*is very pissed off*

I wish I'd stayed until the end. You played Destroy Everything You Touch which is currently my favourite song! You now have to come round and play it all again for me just like you promised. There will be food.

Joke told to me by a pilot friend:

DESCRIBE TECHNICAL FAULT: Whinng noise detected in cockpit after engine shutdown.
SOLUTION: Pilot removed from aircraft.