Actually already had most of this on vinyl, not that I listen to that much these days. However I had the version sans 'Is That All There Is', so that's a bonus.
Well, yes. And damn few people have that on vinyl. I've never seen a copy.

Nice to able to actually pick up a decent-quality version. The release dates from before the Leiber and Stoller back-catalogue was sold to Sony, so I do wonder what changed their minds. It can't have been the money, as it'll bring in chickenfeed compared to all the other versions of their songs.
Now there's a turn-up - I've been looking for that for years.

Never occurred to me to check Amazon....

Thanks for the heads-up!
Oh ace, that song rocks. I remember you playing that back at Strangeways. It's strange how it works out - it was on my mind yesterday, I was going to email you to find out who it was.

How are you anyway? How's Haggis County? I'm going up to that part of the world again soon, Scotland rocks.
The Calling, Shirley?

Yeah, things are OK here. I had a quick drink with Mr B last night - he seems well too.

Let me know if you're going to be in the area. It'd be good to see you.
No it was a sneak peak at your setlist at the HOG. And don't call me Shirley.

Oh, the old Boydster. Boydie. El Boyderino. Yes, pass on a hello from me and I'll definitely shout you when I'm heading up in your direction. As Numan would say, "it must have been years." But he'd follow it up with some crazy electro-plinky plonk I suspect.