A wall of water

I just came across this impressive (but mislabelled) clip which reminded me rather of a film called "Riding giants" I saw with CJ a couple of years back.

I've probably mentioned that my dad got crush fractures of two lumbar vertebrae while surfing in Jamaica when we lived there during the seventies. He was working in the famously salubrious Jamaican prison service at the time, courtesy of the Overseas Development Administration. I remember (dimly) being in London shortly before going out, a trip we made because he had the job interview. We stayed with some friends of theirs that I've not met since. They're going to be in Edinburgh next week.
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The build up to the surfing adds to the impressiveness - the dawning horror when you realise he's on a real mountain of water. Cool clip!

And where does 30 years go? :-)
If I find them, I'll tell you. Yours may be in the same place.

The very gradual pullback as the wave rises works really well. It felt like it would never stop growing.
That is fab and totally terrifying. Riding giants is a great film. As is dog town and the Z-boys, though obviously this one doesn't quite have the wow factor of those massive waves.
Oh that last comment about riding giants was from me. Doh, didn't realise I wasn't logged in.
Very cool.

Also, coincidentally, I downloaded Stars' In Our Bedroom After the War from eMusic yesterday, along with the new Gogol Bordello, which doesn't really live up to Gypsy Punks, at least on first listening.
Ah well.

Emusic not being expensive, I'll probably pull them both down anyway. Actually, it's probably cheap enough for it to be worth the money to know the songs if I see the Gogs live again.

Err . . . we do call them the Gogs, don't we?</Uncle-Nem>
That's pretty much my philosophy with eMusic as well. Combined with "downloads expire tomorrow, must use now!"

we do call them the Gogs, don't we?

I don't, but feel free :-)