In the papers

The revelations from Campbell's diaries continue. The Guardian's diary column notes:

In April 2000, we find Robin Cook reporting to cabinet from an EU-Africa summit in Cairo. Colonel Gadafy wore painted nails, and Robert Mugabe had announced that Peter Hain was the gay lover of Peter Tatchell. "Hain is taking it calmly," the ginger-haired rebel noted cheerily. "Tatchell is furious."

A more disturbing (but fairly unsurprising) article covers the case of an Australian woman whose Scientologist parents pressured her not to take her psychiatric medication. The apparent result is that she's stabbed them both and her sister - her mum's in hospital and the other two are dead. More details here. Someone punch Tom Cruise for me, please?
Her mother's alive and stable. I think the ideal situation now would be for you to be right via someone battering Cruise senseless.

Not that I harbour feelings of anger or contempt towards the gormless miniature shitehawk, of course.
"Psychiatry is a pseudoscience," he told host Matt Lauer, later saying: "You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do."

"There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance in a body,"

I see your crazed ignorance and raise you some real life repercussions.

Tom Cruise - what a jerk.
It's very un-pc and involves vasts numbers of mental health patients taken off meds and pointed in the direction of scientologists. Admittedly there are a lot of flaws but I think these could be overcome. I'm almost certain someone could come up with a better idea but this one is currently floating around my bi-polar (and currently not properly medicated due to a need to stay awake for more than 2 hours) brain and needed to be set free.

The forcefeeding of brussel sprouts or rogering with broccoli until they repent also appeals. I shall go back to my padded room now.
Just found this comment lurking in my inbox. I meant to ask you what you meant by "Eris has noticed Scientology!" Anything to do with the planet?
Similar thoughts recently on hearing about the Dutch TV star who died of breast cancer after her 'alternative therapists' told her she just had a bacterial infection. Old news but it's recently caused a clampdown on quackery in the Netherlands.

Still, she didn't take anyone else with her...