The four most beautiful words in the English language . . .

. . . are "I told you so". And the five most beautiful are "I fucking told you so".

Cambridgeshire - and, more importantly, the bit of Essex just upstream -had a month's worht of rain on Sunday. By Monday morning, first thing, it had all ended up on the ground floow of the West Pavilion, the Sanger Centre - or "The Lido", as we should perhaps call it. A flood plain? Yes, let's put a major science station on it. That'll be fun for everyone.

IN january, I and the rest of the team are due to move into the bit that's just flooded. Which is the same bit that flooded this time last year, and again in January. It's also the same bit that builders have spent the whole summer floodproofing and refurbishing. Obviously that now looks like a sound use of time and money. It was even "flood-tested" on Thursday last, and I think it actually passed. Dearie dearie me.

They'll have us in a portacabin. Betcha.

This is a shame, because today went pretty well at work. I stayed on for an extra hour until the second bus, and managed to get three projects (almost half my month's target) probably finished. I have to run through the formal checks, but they look good. I am pleased.

I nearly didn't stay, because just after I decided to da boss stuck her head round the door and asked if I was going for the early bus. I nearly did. I suppose this would have been a mistake.

And after I got home, I got an ssh link up and ran gap4 from my room, adding some reads into a project. It was slow, but usable. I can finish from home. Excellent. I dragged Karen and Visiting Simon in to have a look. They looked politely interested and asked some intelligent questions, at the answers of which they looked actually interested. And then went off to bed, probably to do vile things to one another.

And here I am, at quarter to one in the morning, typing banal shit into a computer, that will remain eternally unread. Oddly, I am unable to get very downbeat about this as an activity. As I believe I've said, I've been quite cheery this year. I'm probably going down with some horrible progressive manic disease that will forever remove my ability to be calm or make accurate judgements. I'm sure that it'll be a ncie change.
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