Bang and blame

I've just heard that someone has claimed responsibility for the attack on Glasgow airport - it was apparently the provisional wing of RIBA.

Tef earlier pointed out how frightfully British it was to have terrorists who worked terribly hard but failed at the final furlong. I can just imagine them in court - "I'm going to jail now. I may be some time."
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It is amusing seeing the almost embarassing decrease in 'Hollywood' when it's our fair isle under terrorist attack

America: Three Boeing 747s are hijacked and flown into centres of politics and commerce, causing thousands of deaths. A whole nation stops for weeks in mourning.

Britain: Three blokes drive a Jeep Cherokee into the side wall of Glasgow Airport. A taxi driver is shocked into making gross generalisatons.

As Eddie Izzard once said "You're British, scale it down a bit."

You are a very funny man! (I didn't know the RIBA initials, so the site came as a surprise!)
It's more difficult to get permission to destroy listed buildings, but not impossible.
Harvey Court, Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge is Grade II Listed, much to the utter bafflement of every undergraduate who has ever lived there.
weirdly enough i scripted a comic in the 80's that had a very similar theme of RIBA taking out carbunkles.
Shit. If it's RIBA behind this then I'm definitely not going near the centre of Cambridge this week.
Just saw Salmond on the beeb saying the muppets in custody "had not been in Scotland for any length of time" - is this about to be blamed on the English?
Maybe this is how New New Labour regains control of Scotland. Make it a National Security issue with critical alert.
Or perhaps the stragegy is "leave it in the hands of the SNP for a while, and watch the voters come flooding back . . ."

Stranger ideas have been known to work.
I thought that as well, but I'm not exactly sure where he thinks they came from. It's not a terribly smart comment regardless.
Wouldn't overly surprise me. I have heard the opinion that "Scottish Asians are much more well-integrated than English Asians, because (white) Scots are less racist than the English."
Heh. I've heard precisely the opposite opinion from my (white) Glaswegian friends, but there you go.
I think you might have to include the phrase "(except as regards England)" to give it any chance of being true.