Another good news day?

'Kinell. Seriously impressive if true, although obviously not guaranteed to ever be a practical treatment. Reported by Bill Gibson, I think. And from the Grauniad, Eternal vigilance is the price of metaphor.

The local paper here actually had the headline "Good news day" yesterday - among several other things, the tram project has been reprieved by a grand coalition of everyone-except-the-Nats. To be fair to them, while they weren't exactly happy about this, they didn't throw their toys out of the pram and have promised that they won't actually put any further obstacles in its way (although they won't help either). Also, of course, a bomb's been found before it went off, which is always the best time.
The bit where it's going ahead. The executive does not actually, as I understand it, actually have to be bound by this vote if they don't want to, because that budget is an executive matter not a parliamentary matter. If they were going to be really petty they'd just ignore the vote and pull the cash anyway.

Of course, the Greens would go ballistic and they'd look awful, but they could do it if they wanted.