Fred Phelps strikes again

God Hates The World, apparently. Warning: may trigger anger or extreme hilarity. And yes, it is for real - there's actually a statement on their website specifically addressed to the UK, in which their erudite rhetorists address the British people as "poopy pants" for being overly supportive of the evil homosexualists.

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Well, not necessarily. There's a very old joke about a wee free minister who dies and ends up by the pearly gates talking to St Peter, who looks at his book book to read about the minister's life and character. After a while he says "Well, you can come in if you want, but you won't like it."
awesome! It's too late to change God's mind apparently, so I may as well enjoy myself while I can, given that I'm going to burn in fire for eternity anyway.
The Reverend has spoken. Who are we to argue? Pass the syringes . . .
Extreme hilarity over here...god may hate fags, but he really fucking loathes your singing love *winces*
A song...
How very considerate of Westboro to write a song, just for us Brits:

God Hates Your Queen & Land!
God hates your filthy Queen,
Many large lies we’ve seen,
fall from her lips!
She caused the troops to die,
Her pomp is just a lie,
Her diplomats are filthy fags;
Now God hates your Queen!

God sent the latent foe,
And the assassin’s blow,
God hates your Queen!
To her God’s finger points,
He’ll break your British joints,
Your filthy mother is your pomp,
Now God hates your Queen!

Your royal whores abound
God will not hear a sound
Of your false prayers
He sent Iran to you
With you – He’ll let them do
Whatever punishment He’s planned
Now God hates your land!
Re: A song...
Phelps head of a church with round 3 members he isnt directly related to.
Her Maj for teh win!
Re: A song...
He sent Iran to you

I can only applaud the Rev's excellent grasp of geography!
You are simply a raunchy little group of pagans, no larger than Oregon, who long ago quit pretending to believe in God, and who have given yourselves over fully to lust and sin.


And frankly I'm glad I'm not larger than Oregon!

And strange how happy hate can make people.
For some reason, just seeing you writing in block caps just made me giggle.
And GODDAMN that is one funny article. Poopy pants. Heh.
time for one family to get a life and stop subjecting thier delusional granduers on others...oh well

How lovely. This is almost as hateful as those wee blonde girls who sing the white supremacy songs. I fear America, I really do...
*Head hits desk, Head hits wall and repeat...*

If it was for the fact that there have been two prograammes about these people, I would not believe, people like them could exist...

Someone pass the shot gun, will you...? I think I need to clear my head...