OFFS pt. 2

Jerry Falwell's useful contribution to the current debate:

"I think Mohammed was a terrorist. I read both Muslims and non-Muslims (to decide) he was a violent man, a man of war," Mr Falwell said.

"In my opinion, Jesus set the example for love, as did Moses, and I think Mohammed set an opposite example."

Mr Falwell is well-known for his inflammatory statements.

Last year, he was widely criticised for saying pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays and civil liberties groups had contributed to the moral decay of the United States, angering God who allowed the 11 September attacks to happen.

He later apologised.
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He is a right piece of work, isn't he?

Scarily though, that latter view was being spouted by several fundamentalist types after he started the ball rolling. I think the daughter of Billy Graham - am I remembering right? -- I think she was one of them.

She sounded all gentle, and sat there on CNN looking all calm and decorous (that is where I saw it, though I am a trifle unsure of which fundamentalist she was or why we should care), and said in sweet southern tones that "God is a gentleman. He doesn't stay where he is not wanted," and extrapolated, in her lilting, ladylike accent, that we had flung him out of America and this was our just desserts.

Something to make you grin -- the excellent multi-faith site Beliefnet recently wrote a brilliantly researched reply to Falwell and Robertson - they said, "Gosh, yes, ISN'T Islam terribly violent? I mean, look at all these passages in their Holy Book that are filled with rape, violence, and threats. Look, we quote extensively. Oh no - hang on - it turns out we've actually only quoted from the BIBLE!"

It is a VERY clever and powerful reply to fundamentalist rabidness. I only hope they read it to the end!!!! But I suppose any fundamentalist would recognize the quotes as from the Bible straight away - even I recognized some of them.

There's nothing like well-researched snarkyness...

Pity nobody who needs to will read it, or if they do they won't get it.

I despair at where this country is going. Between the nagging suspicion that terrorist acts were tolerated in order to let the right-wing coup gain more power and the impending invasion of Iraq (and you know damn well he's just going to do it, after ignoring any arguments short of "If you invade Iraq we will bomb _you_ back into the stone age," which nobody seems to be saying), the right-wing ranting, the erosion of personal freedoms, and so on, it's exhausting just living here.

Hell, last week they had the gubernatorial debates at the school where I work. They put up security checkpoints in the campus center. I had to go past several policemen just to get my morning coffee, and hordes of supporters of Mitt "Lying Sack of Shit" Romney, the republican candidate, clogged the streets waving signs and declaring their support of all kinds of absurd social programs that sound like parodies of right-wing politics but are horrifyingly true.

How about a language program that not only does away with bilingual teaching practices in favor of total immersion, but allows parents to _sue_ teachers-- not the school district, not the school, but _teachers_. _personally_-- if they so much as speak a word of any language but English to their children. Imagine that. Plus, Romney is the one who declared that he lived in Utah in order to help run the Olympics, and now suddenly he's a Massachusetts resident in order to run for governor, and he got away with this.

This country scares me. I want to go... Hell, I don't know. Somewhere else.

"But I suppose any fundamentalist would recognize the quotes as from the Bible straight away - even I recognized some of them."

You'd be surprised. Fundies tend to read only the bits they like. The average cultured atheist or agnostic generally knows more.
Yeah, I've seen this from a couple of different places now.

Not the first time he's done something so egregiously stupid. I think the other forum mentioned something about UN sanctions against weapons-grade stupidity. Heck, just being in the same country with him I feel... my... mind...


Oop. Sorry.

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