Hmm. An X-Ray free electron laser. That sounds like a fun toy.

The new Ansible features the following, concerning a recent gathering some of you may be aware of:

"Greg Bear and other sf authors -- Arlan Andrews, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Sage Walker -- were asked to a US Homeland Security conference to provide anti-terrorism advice as `deviant thinkers'. According to Andrews, they `need people to think of crazy ideas.' (USA Today, May) Once again sf proves eerily prophetic: wasn't there just such an ego-boosting think tank in the Niven/Pournelle Footfall?"

I notice that later on someone steals my punchline. Never mind, somebody else probably used it before me. Ansible in general can of course be read here.

On my way home last night I passed over a bridge by my old school. There was a small crowd of schoolkids there with things attached to the railings - flags, notices, an Ayr United top - and sure enough a pupil drowned there on Monday. I used to hang around by those stepping stones. It didn't strike me as a dangerous place at the time. Maybe he hit his head falling.

Another interesting piece I read recently was this paper (no, not that sort of paper) analysing toilet-seat policy in economic and game-theory terms. Very enlightening.

For the benefit of anyone who went to see Neubauten recently and doesn't have the song, here's the video for Sabrina. Worth watching even if you don't care for the music, in my view, but I'm sure you'll judge that for yourselves.

There are, of course, many Irn Bru adverts on YouTube, but for the sake of nostalgia I'm going to link to this one. It probably won't be funny unless you remember what the other fizzy pop adverts of the period were like. This one isn't bad either.
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Oh dear, I shouldn't own up to this but the word 'video' in close association with the word 'Sabrina' just makes me think of 'Boys, Boys, Boys' and the wonderful epiphany shared by thousands of adolescent boys in - when was it? - about 1987.

I should shut up before embarrassing myself further, shouldn't I?
Oooo! I'd love to throw the big switch on the X-Ray laser thingy thing! LOTS of voltage!
yey, thanx for pointing me at the Snowman Irn Bru ad. I hadn't seen that one afor. Many giggles :)