A post of less than complete seriousness

Several of you expressed deep joy over the decades-overdue legal decision to allow the Chagos Islanders to return to their archipelago1, but nobody linked to Steve Bell's take on it. Neither have any of you mentioned that you can now get cartoons by Bell, Rowson, or several others, on Tshirts.

Incidentally, anyone after a sofa? I know someone with a sofa and a few other matching pieces going. Old, apparently, but in good nick. I would, but I already have more sofas than I have arses.

And, for the benefit of you young'uns who didn't get to watch not The Nine O'Clock News and can't work out what original_aj and I are sniggering about, have a look at :

Songs of Praise

The American Express advert

Question Time

The Judge

Constable Savage


and, of course . . .

Gerald the gorilla

1: No, this is not just an excuse to use my favourite word. It's much much more than just an excuse to use my favourite word.
Well, yes, but I think things have improved a little since then. Many of the things that were just accepted then aren't now.

Hmm. I should probably link to something about the SPG in relation to that sketch. Not everyone will know who they were.
I never watched Not the Nine O'Clock News, though I was a big fan of other Rowan Atkinson stuff such as Black Adder. Just watched Songs of Praise - tears of laughter in my eyes! Yay Rowan!!
His rants were often the best thing on the program. I should see if I can find any more up there.
Favourite words
I understand completely. I've been relishing the numeous opportunities that have come my way this past week to drop 'parthenogenesis' into conversation.
"Wild? I was absolutely livid!"

Fantastic stuff.
you do realise that i now wont get any of the work ive planned for this afternoon done....
I could stick a few more links up - if your evening's plans could be usefully destroyed . . .
Gosh, but I'm glad I don't have a sound facility on this machine (although it would be dead useful for genuine work reasons: I have a pile of three minute MP3s that could do with being collated into one file and then chopped into chunks by speaker)....
Well, this is true. It's so much better than nothing, though. Getting rid of the airbase itself will be a lot harder.
He's not the Son of God, he's just a man who happened to be born in Weston-super-Mare at the same time as Mr. Cleese...

Quality. While not all of NtNO'CN has aged well, the best bits are still as funny and clever as the day they were first shown.