Lost rivers of London

Ever wonder what's under Farringdon road? This is.

In other, sillier, and far more worrying news, there is the story of a naughty horse and how she learned the dangers of drugs. It is claimed that this is for real, but . . . surely not?
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It was on amazon and published by a vanity publisher.
if you walk around farringdon road, bottom of herbal hill you can see the route of the fleet took, or one branch of it atleast by the lie of the land... up to mount pleasant, and further north
I did that, roughly, a couple of years ago, up as far as Kings Cross. I should try it again sometime, looking more closely.
I heard the fascinating programme about this on Radio 4 during the week - I was going to post about it, but I see you beat me to it :)
I didn't know there had been such a program, actually. Can you remember what it was called?
I found a bbc link about a mad angler looking for brown trout - I'd heard on the radio recently that a fish had indeed been found in the Fleet in recent times, but couldn't find any other links online : (

Why did you think the neighbouring road was called Fleet Street?!
Well, I knew that. As any fule kno, the Doctor caught a fine trout in the Fleet once, which he shared with the venerable Bede.
This was it. It was very interesting - apparently there is an underground river including a riverside temple of Mithras underneath a Woolwich Building Society somewhere in central London ...
Wow, those pics are amazing!

As you'll see from my icon, I had previously seen the horse drug book. *boggle*