Mainly of interest to Linux-using Emusic customers . . . so that'll just be me, then.

Download clients are clearly like buses. I've been using an unflashy but perfectly functional Perl script for several years, and because I'm on a different machine and had to search for it, I found not one but two glitzy GUI clients to play with. One was called emusic-gnome but has been redubbed Germanium - no doubt as a homage to Laibach's frequent collaborators of almost that name. It works rather well, too. Once you've associated .emp downloads with it, it just pulls the files down and sticks them in the right place. Bob's your auntie.

The other one is Emusic's own Download Manager 4.0, which is apparently in Alpha testing . . . which doesn't usually mean throwing it out to the public as far as I can tell, but it seems to work so what the hell. It differs from Germanium in that it seems to have eaten a web browser for its breakfast. Rather than clicking to download and it taking over, your run it and it displays Emusic's site. You navigate around within it. I haven't yet tried using it to buy stuff off Ebay or anonymously harass enemies in online forums, but you probably could. I've a feeling someone at Emusic saw a definition of "overengineer" and thought it sounded like a good idea. It does work, though. It doesn't look entirely ready in presentation terms, but it worked perfectly.

Today we mostly have a blocked toilet here. Slightly backed up, actually, although it hasn't overflowed. Yet. Scottish Water didn't send anyone out to unblock the drain today because they had it noted that the "facilities" weren't affected. Now, how exactly you extract that conclusion from somebody telling you that a toilet's backed up I don't know, but that's what they've managed. After a certain amount of remonstrance they're going to try to get someone round this evening, which may or may not mean before the toilet explodes when upstairs flush.

Incidentally, is there a way of telling XP that if it asks me whether I want to reset the computer to complete the update process one more time, I'm going to leave it sitting beside the toilet?
almost as prolific as me today :)

incubus sucubus II , now there's a blast from the past. the promo poster is still up on my wall in scotland! ah, feels good.
Emusic downloads are a bit more specialised. When you decide to download some mp3s, you're given a small file that has to be decrypted to give the handles you have to use to get the files, and when you're given the encrypted file, the number of mp3s is subtracted from your prepaid total. Hence the need for the Perl script that I was previously using.
DownloadThemAll actually works perfectly with eMusic. I started using it after it was recommended on the eMusic forums!

I also submitted a feature request to eMusic: allow album downloads as a single zip file. Uncompressed zip files can be assembled by the server with minimal overhead.
OK. I'd just had a look at their pages and didn't see any mention. I'll have to give it a go after all, then.