Another Rainy Sunday.

1. I saw a deer on the verge of the M8 on Friday, only a few hundred yards from the Edinburgh bypass. And there was one in Glasgow yesterday, west of the Easterhouse exit. I'm told they hang around Colinton, but I've never seen wild deer so close to the city before.

2. No Crimea today. Apparently they couldn't get permission, but still hope to at some point. No Tyninghame picnic yesterday, either - my own bed is too precious to me at the moment.

3. So what do you get when you take archive footage of 80s teleevangelist Robert Tilton (he of the odd tics and already the star, let us not forget, of CopShootCop's excellent "Robert Tilton Handjob") and dub in extraneous noises at inopportune moments? Well, you get the Farting Preacher, of course - now available in five juicy courses.

4. While we're on the subject of streamed video, apparently not all of my friends have seen the film of Hurrah Torpedo's astounding epic performance of "Total Eclipse of the Heart". I can only suggest that if this includes you, then you should go and correct this forthwith.

5. The BBC had an interesting time making a documentary about everyone's favourite nut cult. It's on on Monday, and may very well be worth watching.
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around four years ago a fully grown adult deer managed to get into the back of the Gateway Studio on Elm Row. Unfortuantly it pierced it's chest on fencing skipes and had to be put down.
Well, yes, but I appreciate the malice.

"You need to make a thousand-dollar vow of faith right now!"
Hurra Torpedo
Wow. That's genius.

Did you watch the Tatu cover? It's even better, although for some strange reason it's tagged as "comedy", which I assume is because they're wearing dodgy tracksuits and have comedy facial hair.
Re: Hurra Torpedo
I was unaware of that, and it's deeply deeply wrong. Thank you.
Once saw a baby or young deer in the hedge at the bottom end of Riccy campus. So sweet. It's probably all buildings there now.

And once saw a stag with full head gear in a little valley off the side of the road going into Dunfy from the west. I was a bus at the time and could see over the autumnal hedge. I was amazed at the time, but I guess it was looking for females. Didn't fancy its chances!

4. Awesome :)
I don't get out enough these days I can tell. lol. I'm sure that freezer used to be in our Gillespie Cres flat.. and that guy with the beard... seems so familiar..mmmmm.

Thankyou for helping to make me laugh so much this avo.
Ah,excellent. I'd heard about the Robert Tilton scandal, but couldn't remember his name. *heads off to add him to the televangelist Top Trumps list*