Well, that's got to have been the worst-kept secret in British politics.

Announcement in Sedgefield at 12, apparently.

In other news, I was watching TV again last night. I'm not sure I like this trend. There was a documentary about Luke Mitchell, claiming that the case against him was a bit thin. Yes, thank you, we all knew that but it was good enough to convince the jury. Then there was a program about sick jokes, which was moderately interesting but I know better ones than the ones they included and it wasn't mostly very perceptive. Must watch less TV. Shouldn't be difficult.
I wander what the annoucnement could possibly be
I was temporarily gobsmacked, as TB referred to the increase in terrorism as 'blowback' from the Afghanistan & Iraq wars.

Hasn't he been maintaining for the past 3+ years that they're entirely unconnected?